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"I've always had an obsession with home fragrance & parfum, but my passion for health is equally strong. I adore crafting stories & moods through scent, not only for their mood-boosting abilities but also for their commitment to using only the best, non-toxic ingredients. I'm Rebecca, a devoted scent enthusiast & the proud founder of 38th House. Join us on a transformative journey as we awaken your senses & reveal the remarkable power of fragrance."

  • Enter the Realm of 38th House

    Step into our world & embark on a transformative journey as we awaken your senses & reveal the extraordinary power of scent. Discover the harmonious blend of nature's finest elements, expertly curated for your enjoyment. At 38th House, we are dedicated to crafting exceptional scents using only the finest, non-toxic, high-quality ingredients. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our artisanal approach, as each item is meticulously handcrafted in small batches.

  • Crafting Safe Fragrances

    Motivated by a deep commitment to well-being & a desire to create a haven free from harmful fragrances, I embarked on a journey of candle making. In this pursuit, I devoted two years to researching & revealing the unsettling truth about the detrimental effects of toxic scents on our health. Now, I'm delighted to introduce our exquisite collections of non-toxic home fragrances & perfumes. These scents aren't just fragrances; they are an invitation to transform your space into a haven of safety and serenity.

  • The Art of Slowing Down

    Step away from the chaos, prioritise self-care, & create your own sanctuary of relaxation & joy. Embrace the art of slowing down, while our beautiful fragrances envelop you, bringing a sense of peacefulness & bliss into your daily life.

  • Lucky Number

    Choosing a name was a deliberate process, combining the essence of home with a touch of personal significance. '38' holds a special place in this journey, as it represents the moment of triumph when my 38th trial batch of candles proved successful. Encouraged by this milestone, my confidence soared, & '38th House' was born.

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38th House

Safe Fragrance

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Health Conscious

We are dedicated to creating a toxin-free environment within our homes, which is why we prioritise sourcing high-quality, clean ingredients.


Our fragrances do not contain toxins that are harmful to hormonal, reproductive & organ health.



Our fragrances do not contain any ingredients that are known to cause cancers.



Our fragrances do not contain any ingredients that are known to contribute to DNA mutations.



Our fragrances do not contain any common allergens.