Our Modern Classic

Neroli | Tobacco | Woody Accord


Immerse yourself in the timeless elegance of 'Our Modern Classic. 'Neroli intertwines with rich tobacco and refined woody accords, composing a fragrance of exquisite charm and enduring grace.


Good to know

  • Enhanced Scents: Our candles now feature amplified fragrance levels with our upgraded formula.

  • Sustainable: Each candle is wrapped in FSC-certified, recycled paper & is fully home-compostable.

  • Hand-Poured in Scotland: Crafted with care in Scotland, our candles are cured for a minimum of 2 weeks to ensure top quality.

  • Eco-Friendly Ingredients: Made with 100% vegan, biodegradable coconut & rapeseed wax, which is more sustainable than both Soy & Paraffin.

  • Clean Fragrance: Non-toxic fragrance blended with pure essential oils.

  • Cotton Wick: We use a cotton wick for clean & eco-friendly burning.

  • Burn Time: Enjoy over 40 hours of burn time from our 220g candles.

  • Dimensions: Each candle measures 9cm in height & 7.8cm in diameter.

  • Charitable Contribution: We donate £1 from every sale to Crisis, supporting those in need.

  • Candle Care: Please take a moment to read our Candle Care instructions for the best experience.

How to use

  • Simply place a few melts in your warmer or melter's reservoir, adjusting the quantity to achieve your desired fragrance intensity.

  • Ignite the gentle flame of a tea light below or activate your electric heat warmer.

  • Allow the enchanting aromas to infuse the air, creating an ambiance of refined luxury.

  • When you're finished, extinguish the heat source or remove it from the warmer, & the wax will solidify.

  • When you're ready to indulge again, simply rekindle the warmth or relight the tea light.

  • When it's time to bid farewell to the used wax melts:

  • Allow the wax to harden

  • Gently heat the wax for a few minutes, loosening its hold, making it effortless to remove & replace.

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